10/17 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship


Sunday’s play list via YouTube

This Week’s Bible Readings  Jan. 18 – Jan. 24   Matthew 11-12

  • Where’s your space to read?
  • What’s your time to study?
  • What are the key words?
  • What was God saying to them?  What’s God saying to you?
  • What’s the Holy Spirit going to show throughout the day?
  • For what are you grateful?
  • For what are you concerned?
  • Who needs you today?

Title: “Mosaic – Will Your Foundation Hold Up?”

Texts:   Mt. 7:24-29; 1 Cor. 15:3-4; 1 Pe. 3:8-17; He. 5:11-6:2

IN A NUTSHELL  From first thoughts organized and prioritized to a person’s “final words” we can identify what some people see as being MOST important. Jesus told us to be careful about the principles we build our lives on.  Basically listen carefully to Him and act upon what we hear.  Paul challenges skeptical shallow thinking Christians to the most critical historical event known to man.  Can’t argue there!  Peter challenges us to evaluate our faith on the basis of how we respond to suffering and skeptical people.  When foundations are solid everything else above it retains or builds it’s value!

ICE BREAKER   Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?


  1. What are the consequences of living life without listing your priorities and defining most important principles to live by?
  2. Have you ever study any other worldviews that don’t rest on something historical like the death and resurrection of Jesus?
  3. If you were to rewrite 1 Pet. 3:8-17 tailored to your life, then how would it read?


Based upon the reverse side of the CARE Sheet “2016 Personal Evaluation” how’s your foundation?1316MosaicCAREsheet


Confidence in a world view…

  • give us structures to help us determine questions and answers
  • gives us emotional security
  • validates our cultural norms
  • helps us integrate our culture.
  • helps us monitor cultural change
  • provide psychological reassurance leading  us (hopefully) to “world peace”


  1. Look into Jesus’ eyes… what do you see when He looks at you?


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