8/2 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship

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The songs we’ll all sing together in worship are on the playlist!

July 28-Aug. 1 Bible Readings: 

  • Amos 1-9
  • II Kings 12-14
  • Isaiah 1-5
  • Obadiah 1
  • Jonah 1-4

Next Week’s Bible Reading August 2-8

  • II Kings 15-17
  • Hosea 1-14
  • II Chronicles 24-26
  • Isaiah 6
  • Proverbs 17-18

Title: Celebrate God’s Call – to Protect

Texts: Romans 13:1-7; Matt. 5:38-41; Isaiah 66:9-10; 1 Samuel 8:4-10

In a Nutshell: God instituted the government when it was obvious His people did not want Him to govern over them.  The challenge for society ever since has been to make sure those leaders that "bear the sword" look to God's word to define right from wrong. No doubt some people are uniquely "tuned" to be protective.  Let's pray that those in postions of authority are motivated by God's call to protect the innocent.


  1. Do Matthew 5:38-41 & Romans 13:1-7 contradict?  Why or why not?
  2. What are some of the Scriptures that guide our Safety ministry? Proverbs 22:3Matthew 10:16Ecclesiastes 4:10; Nehemiah 4:9
  3. Why did God say the people of Israel wanted a King?  1 Samuel 8:4-10
  4. What types of employment that protect people and property can be found in the Bible? Judges 2:16;  1 Samuel 8:5Genesis 42:6;  Daniel 6:2;   Acts 13:7;  Matthew 27:2;  Judges 9:54; Isaiah 55:4;  1 Chronicles 7:4
  5. What some characteristics of "shepherds" that are not doing what God commissioned them to do? Isaiah 66:9-10
  6. How many of these careers would require a unique personality in order to be successful?                                                                                                                           synergy flame
  7. What kinds of personalities, temperaments and talents tend to support the different types of “protecting” careers?
  8. What kinds of personalities, temperaments and talents do you see in your children/grandchildren?

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