7/5 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship

Biker Flyer (2) TLCC Worship – Led by Cyle Cundiff and the Praise Team while Brian is on Sabbatical

June 28 – July 4 Bible Readings: 

Next Week’s Bible Reading July 5-11

Title: Celebrate America Present

Texts: Jeremiah 29:4-7; 1 Peter 2:1-17; Isaiah 8:11-22

In a Nutshell: “This isn’t your Father’s America.”  Things have changed and it wasn’t just this past week!  When you wake up and realize you no longer live in a “Christian nation” there are some good priorities necessary to keep in mind. America is not the nation of Israel, and we must not assume Jewish promises apply to us, but here we can find some very relevant principles for living in a nation that no longer regards the Christian God as Lord of their lives.

Also, this is “Biker Sunday!”  We have invited three motorcycle groups to join us!  It’s a potluck Sunday and they are our special guests.  I know no other group that knows how to celebrate the goodness of the USA than Christian bikers.  Let’s make them feel welcome!


  1. Does it seem strange to pray for the welfare of a city that doesn’t serve God?
  2. What all did God tell the exiles not to do?
  3. What did he tell them to do?
  4. What warnings and commands did Peter give to the Christians?
  5. What were God’s people not to fear? but rather to fear/respect (obey) instead?
  6. What did God say his people that had turned from Him would tend to do when they got “hungry” and frustrated? 8:20-22

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