6/14 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship

SummerVacationOption2 TLCC Worship – Led by Cyle Cundiff and the Praise Team while Brian is on Sabbatical

June 7 – 13  Bible Readings: 

June 14 - 20 Bible Readings: 

In a Nutshell:   It's one thing to seek forgiveness as in, having the consequences of our sin removed, but something totally different to be "thoroughly washed from your iniquity and to be cleansed from your sin.  One focuses on your pain, the other focuses on God's love and justice.  One is willing to break the rules to get what they want, the other is willing to have a broken heart to accomplish what God wants.  The former ends in fear and loss, the later ends being a witness to others of God's goodness. The former ends convicted of their error, the latter ends living with convictions, to remain close to God and win others to Him!

Ice Breaker: Describe a time you felt like you were “double minded.”

Title:  Celebrate Summer Vacation 3 of 3 – “Being Convicted vs. Having Convictions”

Texts: Phil. 3:8-16; Saul –1 Sam. 28; David- 2 Sam. 11; Ps. 51

Questions to Consider:

  1. What did Paul want to forget? to remember? hold on to? press on toward?
  2. Why did Saul kick out the mediums and then go to one to find out what would happen in his battle with the Philistines?
  3. What was David doing instead of going to battle in the spring like most kings did?
  4. Was David more concerned about his sin or about God's reaction to his sin?

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