1/18 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship

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January 11- 18 Bible Readings: 

In a Nutshell: People can be very persuasive with their convictions.  But from where do those convictions come.  Are they from a false religion, an empty philosophy or a human tradition?  Those things will leave you empty.  We have been awakened to an eternal celebration in Christ, dare we settle for less?

Ice Breaker:  When you think of the terms “bate and switch” does that bring to mind any time that you felt cheated?  (a.k.a. deceived)

Title:  “Don’t be Deceived...“

Text: Colossians 2; Jeremiah 7

Some Questions to Consider:

  • What was Paul’s goal in writing to the Christians at Colosse? Col. 2:2-4
  • What did Paul want them to “see to it” that didn’t happen? Col. 2:8
  • What do people’s lives look like when they are church goers but confused about Jesus, His relationship to God, and not confident in their relationship with Him?
  • What have you done to help your children/grandchildren avoid being deceived by these?

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2015 Bible Reading Plan & Journal: Once again we have journals available  for you to utilize while reading/praying. We are including in today’s bulletin C.C.C.B.’s Bible reading plan.  You may pick up a brochure of the reading plan at the church or go download the brochure here: 2015 Reading Plan brochure (1)