11/23 Prepare Your Heart for Sunday Worship

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Today’s  Chronological Bible Reading: (today)

This Week’s CARE Sheet: CARE Sheet 11-4-14

This Week’s Readings:

    •  Nov 10 Luke 22, John 13
    •  Nov 11 John 14‐17
    •  Nov 12 Matt 27, Mark 15
    •  Nov 13 Luke 23, John 18‐19
    •  Nov 14 Matt 28, Mark 16
    •  Nov 15 Luke 24, John 20‐21
    •  Nov 16 (Sunday) Acts 1‐3

Brian: Here is this week's song list.  We're doing a relatively new version of "Man of Sorrows" (rearranged by Hillsong).  I heard at chapel a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it... you can check it out on the Spotify playlist!     TLCC Worship 

  • Sweeter
  • How Majestic
  • The Greatness of our God
  • My Hope is In You
  • Man of Sorrows
  • O How I Love Jesus

TITLE: “chURch - devoted”

TEXT:  Acts 2  (especially vss. 42-47)

IN A NUTSHELL:  It's the second major Jewish feast of the year.  It comes at the close of the grain harvest and God has called every Jew to come to Jerusalem for a time of worship and gratitude to God for the harvest.  All of a sudden 120 disciples praying becomes 12 apostles preaching and then 3,000 souls coming into the chURch.  What now? In verses 42-47 we see the four practices/priorities/privileges that united a very diverse chURch, and set the stage for an unprecedented spiritual harvest!

A few questions to consider:

  1. How many different nations were represented in the crowd on Pentecost?
  2. If you remove the word "tongues" and put in it's place languages how would you view the story of Acts 2 differently?
  3. What seemed to be the main points of Peter's sermon?
  4. What are four reoccurring priorities the new chURch started/grew with?
  5. To what RU devoted?

Online Resources:

Next Week’s Readings:

  • Nov 17 Acts 4‐6
  • Nov 18 Acts 7‐8
  • Nov 19 Acts 9‐10
  • Nov 20 Acts 11‐12
  • Nov 21 Acts 13‐14
  • Nov 22 Jas 1‐5
  • Nov 23 (Sunday) Acts 15‐16