12/15 "Who's On Trial?"

Happy Holidays Title: “Who’s on Trial”

Texts: Lk. 22:66-23:25

In a Nutshell:  It is only Luke’s gospel that describes Pilate’s sending Jesus to Herod. Luke’s writing to the world outside of the Jews makes it clear.  The Jews were more on trial than Jesus.  Many in the world may not want to celebrate Jesus when they celebrate Christmas, but the reality is that the world is on trial, not Christianity.

Ice Breaker: Has your employer, school, community or family declared to you recently that you shouldn’t say “Merry Christmas,” or allude to Jesus during the Holidays?  What has been your response?


  1. Who asked Jesus to defend himself or answer to accusations?
  2. To whom did Jesus respond?  Not respond?
  3. What kind of attitude or disposition do you see prophesied about Jesus in Isaiah 53?
  4. What were the accusations made of Jesus?


  1. What accusations are made of Christians and people wanting to celebrate Christmas rather than “Holidays?
  2. When is it time to stand up and make your convictions known and when is it time to remain silent?
  3. It has been said that silence is a powerful force causing the ego to be put aside and the true self to be clearly seen.  It has also been said that when arguing the one that speaks the loudest and longest is usually the most guilty.  How have you seen these statements illustrated in real life recently?
  4. This Christmas season,  is “Christ in Christmas” on trial, or is our world’s willingness to heed God’s plan of redemption on trial?
  5. How do you handle someone that "you don't know what to do with"?


  1. How does TLCC support your need to keep the message of Christ foremost in your life?  Think about the activities, the lack of some activities, types of activities...
  2. How should, your CARE group, Bible Fellowship group, your family, pray for each other so that silent confidence and peace of mind and heart will rule this Christmas season?



Title:  “The Real Christmas Tree…” (was cut down)

Text:  Lk. 23:26-49

Questions: What were the specific saying of Jesus on the cross that were recorded by Luke? What were the sayings of Jesus on the cross that Luke left out? (A Harmony of the Gospels )

Parents with your Children:Go to the above website or your Bibles and list the seven sayings of Jesus on the cross.  Discuss the meaning of the statements and how each statement might be viewed as a “Christmas gift from Jesus to us.”