11/24 Holiday Hustle

roadtripslider Texts: Luke 10:38-42  

In a Nutshell: Cultural expectations and family traditions can create memorable events and  at the same time provide significant spiritual distractions.  Jesus teaches us that we need to keep first things first this holiday!

  • The Place –Mary & Martha’s home & Your Christmas get-togethers/reunions
  • The Point – Discern early your distractions & your priorities
  • The Practice – Choose that which cannot be taken away.

Ice Breaker: Describe your worst holiday family reunion.  Describe your best one.  What was the difference?


  1. Where were Jesus and his disciples coming from and going to?  (Lk. 9:51 & 10:38)
  2. By what specifically does Luke say Martha had become distracted? (Lk. 10:40)
  3. How important was “hospitality” viewed in Jewish/mid-eastern culture?
  4. List as many assumptions as you can think of that Martha had about Mary and Jesus? (Lk. 10:40)
  5. Looking at Luke 10:39 & 42, what did Jesus indicate was most important?  What helped to make it so important?  (vs. 42)


  1. List some of the more important habits or traditions you have for the holidays?
  2. Are there any traditions that you grew up with but have chosen to discontinue in your family?  Why?
  3. What would you regard as something about Christmas “that cannot be taken away from your family?
  4. How do you intend to honor that “something” during your holiday plans?


  1. What is your favorite church holiday activity? Why?
  2. What is your least favorite church holiday activity?  Why?



Title:  “What Are You Really Looking For?”

Text:  Luke 11:14-36 (especially verses 33-36)

Questions: What had captured the attention of each of those being quoted or described in these verses?  What did Jesus keep pointing to as being the most important thing to remember?

 Parents with your children: If something would happen to you between now and next Christmas, and for some reason you couldn’t be here. Work, sickness or even death. What would you want your family to remember?