5/19 Ruth's Kindness




IN A NUTSHELL:  : The view of, role of and state of existence for widow women in ancient history was pitiful.  Not that it was God’s design. That’s just the way men tend to treat women.  Add to this the lot of the life for a Moabite woman that has left her family and there’s not much chance for good things to happen. Ruth was inspired by a relationship, committed to a working faith, and blessed by God.  All of this in a man’s world where women couldn’t vote, inherit property, or choose who she would marry.  Ruth was purposeful, grateful and thoughtful in spite of her incredible consistent loss.




ICE BREAKER: Can you remember an act of kindness that likely helped to change the course of your life?




TEXT: Ruth  1:16-21, Chs. 2 & 3




  1. Who called Ruth “daughter” and how many times? Ruth 2 & 3
  2. How were Moabites regarded in danger of being treated in Israel? Ruth 2:10, 13, 22 De. 23:3-4
  3. What did Boaz regard as Ruth’s first kindness? (2:11,12)  What did he call her second and even greater kindness? (3:10)
  4. How can blurring cultural traditions create problems in Bible application? 3:7-9  (Hint – Young ladies lying at the feet of older men at a threshing floor definitely needs some explanation!)
  5. Where do we see Ruth choosing to embrace gratitude rather than frustration over her situation? 1:16-21; 2:10, 13, 21; 3:5






  1. Can you recall a time when you chose to react to tough times with a grateful attitude rather than frustration?   Vica versa?




  1.  In what way has God used a particularly painful event in your life to teach you more about Him, and possibly more about yourself?  What did you learn?




  1. How have you taught your children to deal with difficulties in life?  Have there been difficulties in their lives that you chose to allow them to suffer “for their own good?”






  1. How has your relationship with the church helped you and your family learn how to handle disappointment?
  2. When you are frustrated and feeling like God has turned His back on you or your family how do you want the church to help you?


CARE Sheet Resources: 



RUTH, NAOMI AND THE LEVIRATE MARRIAGE - http://www.womenintheancientworld.com/ruth%20naomi%20and%20levirate%20marriage.htm






Title: “Boaz’s Kindness” Text: Ruth Question: How is Boaz described? Ruth 2:1;  3:15-18 How many times can you look back on your life where at that time it seemed like a “as it turned out” (coincidental) situation but resulted in major good for your life.  (see Ruth 2:3, 20).  Help your children learn to spot “God’s fingerprints” in their lives.  (check out http://www.depotdan.com/luke/luke16.htm)

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