3/10 "There Will be Leaders: Good and Bad" Deut. 1:9-46 & 1 Tim. 3: 2nd of 5 sermons

desert not deserted Title: “There Will be Leaders - Good & Bad

Text: Deut. 1:9-46 (see also Num. 13 & 14; 1 Tim. 3)

Ice Breaker: Who was your High School class president?  How has things turned out in his/her life now?  Was he/she a good or bad leader?  How do you know?



1.           Why did Moses recruit leaders from within the nation of Israel?  Vss. 9 – 15

2.          How many Jews are estimated to have left Egypt and then when they entered the Promised Land forty years later? When they left Egypt: Ex. 12:37; Nu. 11:21; 1:45-46; 26:51

3.          Read Numbers 13 & 14: What characteristics differentiate between a good leader and a bad leader?

4.          Where did the good results of leaders spying out the land (Deut. 1:25) begin to turn into bad results?  (Deut. 1:26-32)

85.          What are some general, but serious implications regarding salvation and spiritual growth that can be seen in Deut. 1:39?

6.          Is there such thing as double rebellion or doing the right thing at the wrong time?  What is the common problem rooted in both situations?   Deut. 1:26-46

7.          Read 1 Timothy 3:1-12: What characteristics differentiate between a good leader and a bad leader?


1.    Did you ever follow a persuasive leader to find that he led you the wrong direction? Were there any “red flags” that in hindsight you can now recognize?

2.   What are some things you are convince God has called Christians to do that at first may seem too big, too extreme, or illogical?

3.   Do you think God was fair in NOT letting Moses go into the Promised Land?  Why or why not? Deut. 1:37; Num. 20:12; Ps. 106:32-33; Ja. 3:1,2


  1. What does T.L.C.C. do in effort to make sure she has good leaders?
  2. Which is more important to have good leaders or good followers?
  3. How might one tell if Jesus is The Leader of a group of people? 

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Title:  “Lessons- Fear the Lord”

Text:  Deuteronomy 2-10 (especially 2:24-25; 5:28-33; 6:1-3;13-25; 7:17-24; 10:12-22)

Parents with your children: Read the above listed sections. There are six passages, one a day. Make note each day the ways the word “fear” is used.  Who is to be (will be) feared?  Why?  What will result?  Discuss the difference between being afraid of something and respecting something? The Difference Between Fear & Respect