2/24 CARE Sheet "Shadows of the Cross - from Fear to Favor" 2 Corinthians 5:11- ch. 7

shadows of the cross
Title: “Shadows of the Cross – from Fear to Favor”

 Texts: 2 Cor. 5:11 – 6,7

Ice Breaker: Do you remember the time when you and your “special friend” (fiance’ to be) transitioned from the stage of “wooing” each other to love and planning a life together?  What was the mental and emotional difference between being afraid you would lose them and anticipating ways to love them?


1.       What verses in chapters 5,6,7 make reference to topics that discuss or instill “fear,” judgment or criticism toward us?

2.      What verses in chapters 5,6,7 allude to God’s “favor”, desire for redemption or reconciliation toward us?

3.      What does a healthy fear of God do to us? for us?

4.      What does a good dose of God’s favor instill in us?

5.      What is the difference between Godly grief and worldly grief? 2 Cor. 7:9-11


  1. Do you think “non-church goers” view Christians as being more concerned about fear of God or His favor?
  2. Do you think “church goers” tend to focus more on fear of God or His favor?  Why?
  3. Discuss the different needs and approaches one should take when working with the different levels of “openness” to repentance/redemption.   Check this out: Reaching the Unchurched Next Door
  4. Discuss the progressive awareness and acceptance of the gospel in the Engle's Scale.  How would the desire for and effectiveness of evangelism be effected by individuals not progressing in their commitment to the gospel and understanding God's favor?



  1. How can your CARE group improve the reputation of Timber Lake Christian Church to those on the outside of church?
  2. Consider making plans to take a regularly planned CARE group time and go to someone/group in our community to do a service project.  We intend to make promotional cards available on these dates:  March 17 promoting Easter and Family Weekend;  4/21 promoting summer programming.  CARE Group leaders and Adult Bible Fellowship Leaders will be discussing such a plan this Sunday at 8:30am.

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Title:  “In the Desert, but NOT Deserted!”

Next Month’s Series In a Nutshell: Moses was preparing his people to start over.  There were key things that would assure their success and significant warnings which if unheeded would assure their failure.   The book of Deuteronomy initially was a series of 5 sermons. They are a recounting of the history of Israel from Egypt to Jordan river.  Sometimes leaving a place that is familiar, even if it does seem like a prison, can seem like walking into an empty hopeless desert.  Just because it’s a desert doesn’t mean there is nothing there.  God shows us there are always good leaders and bad leaders, rules to be considered, and opportunities to grow in our faith. The Loving provision of God and Redemptive gift of Jesus’ Life makes every desert worth the journey.”

Text:  Deuteronomy

Parents with your children: Read Deut. 6:4-14.  Discuss with your children what traditions, habits or disciplines they/you would like to establish which will help them to never forget to love and respect God, always remembering His goodness to you.