12/2 “Jesus Changes Our Stories #5 – The Bleeding Woman's Story”

Title: The Bleeding Woman’s Story

Texts: Matthew 9:20-22; (Mark 5:24-34Luke 8:43-48; Lev. 15:19-33)

In a Nutshell: Desperation of a loved one is a difficult thing to watch and even worse  to experience, yet it is an effective motivator for doing something  thought to be impossible. The woman subject to bleeding risked the only thing she had left in effort to be healed, her reputation.  Today’s culture focuses on the healing but Jesus clearly focuses on the faith. Jesus wants to change your story, but more importantly he wants you to demonstrate faith in Him.

Ice Breaker:  What event, thought, opportunity stopped you from “business as usual” in your life and made you take a more serious look at a relationship with Jesus Christ?


  1. Read Matthew 9 again. What is the contextual point (what to know) of this chapter?  Mt. 9:6  And what is the contextual application (what to do) of this chapter? Mt. 9:37-38
  1. Read Mark 5:24-34. What details does Mark include that Matthew left out?
  2. Thinking about the context of Jesus being led by a Synagogue ruler to a dying daughter’s bed side, describe the level of anxiety/urgency/frustration you sense in this text?
  3. How would the woman which was bleeding be viewed by the crowd, or even more importantly by the Synagogue Ruler in light of Jewish law?  (Lev. 15:19-33)
  4. Does it seem strange that Jesus doesn’t know who the one was that touched him?  (Consider Matthew 9:4)


  1. If you were the Synagogue Ruler how would you view Jesus’ interaction with the woman?
  2. Put yourself in this woman’s world and context. (e.g. bleeding, broke, ostracized, near the Synagogue Ruler, etc.)  Does it seem strange that the woman admitted that she was the one that touched him and what type of suffering she had experienced for 12 years?
  3. Do you think there could be a change in” your story” if you stepped out in greater faith?
  4. While this story is about a physical healing and trying to touch Jesus’ garment, what other context might be a more contemporary challenge for growing your faith in your life in December of 2012?  (E.g. economic challenges, family conflict, moral convictions, etc.)


  1. Have you ever known a church context which seemed to discourage people from stepping out in greater faith?
  2. How can your CARE group encourage each other to step out in a radical faith in Jesus?

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Title:  King Herod’s Story -

Text: Matthew 2:7-23

Questions:  Was Jesus born in the Inn’s stable or a house?  (Mt. 2:11; Lk. 2:7)  How might bits and pieces of the information in Mt. 2:7, 11, 16 explain why the Wise men went to a house instead of a stable?

Parents with your children: This is a great opportunity to talk to your children about leaders that lie, are selfish, and lawless.  Contrast the attitudes between the “3 Kings” from the east from King Herod.  How would Jesus expect you and your children to deal with a narcissistic friend, teacher, “king”?  Focus on the Family - Responding to Narcissism