11/18 “Jesus Changed Their Story #3 – “The Story of the Helpless…”

Ice Breaker - Describe how you personally deal with people who are asking for money, food, etc.  For instance, do you give money to people standing on street corners?  Would you pick up a hitchhiker?  Have you ever helped a homeless person find shelter? Text:

1.  Read Matthew 9:35-38

2.  Why did Jesus have compassion on the crowds?

3.  What motivated Christ to reach out to the lost and helpless?  (John 6:38, 15:9; Matthew 10:28; today's text?)

4.  Christ's compassion moved Him to...   (Mark 6:34; Matthew 9:37-38; Matthew 10:1-7)

 Our Lives:

5.  What situations cause you to be moved with compassion for the lost and helpless?

6.  What motivates us to reach out to them?

7.   Can we say we have compassion for the lost if we've made no effort to meet their needs?  ...to tell them about the Gospel (our testimony)?  ...if we make no effort to get to know the needy people around us?

8.    What have we done in the past year for the lost and helpless?  What do we want to do in the next year to do more to reach those around us?


9.  What are the ways TLCC members and CARE groups can reach out to the helpless and show compassion? What are some ways we can be involved in community service / outreach?

10.   Is it appropriate to refuse to help some requests for benevolence?  (See "When Helping Hurts")


Title:  “Peter's Story...”

Text:  Mt. 16:13-21; 2 Pet. 1:10-11

Questions:  What was Peter like before his confession?  What was Peter like after his confession?  What was at least one difference between Peter and Judas?

Parents with your children:  What might parents learn from Jesus promise to pray for Peter's faith?  Lk 22:31-34  How do you, the young people, wish your parents would help you take ownership of your faith.  Read this article and discuss thing the youth and the parents need to do help.  "Expecting More Faith Ownership From Our Students"