11/4 "Matthew's Story" Matthew 9:9-13

Texts:   Matt. 9:9-13; Lk. 5:27-31

In a Nutshell: No matter what your line of work, what your age, moral situation or worldview, it’s never too late to turn to Jesus.  Just don’t expect things to remain the same, and make sure your friends are aware of your new priorities!

Ice Breaker: When you think of someone as being, “outside Jesus’ reach,” what kind of career comes to mind? Why that career?  Now imagine you are in line waiting to get into heaven and you see your standing next to “one of those.”  How would you strike up a conversation?


1.   Read the entire 9th chapter of Matthew.  List the individual’s names and circumstance which Jesus focused on.  What is the point of Matthew 9 ( vss. 35-38)

2.   What did Matthew do first thing after leaving work and starting to follow Jesus? (Mt. 9:10-11)

3.   What was the reaction of the Pharisees?

4.   How did Jesus then respond to them?

5.   What was Jesus assignment to those complaining about his companions?

6.   Generally speaking what is thought or said about “publicans or tax collectors” in the Bible?


7.    Have you ever felt your work, job, or position in life was a “dead-end?”  What did you do about it?

8.   Do you think feelings like this have more to do with career, family, or spiritual priorities?  How can you tell?

9.  How can one tell if they are too disenchanted with their job/life and missing out on what their opportunities could be?


10.   How might a church help people prepare for a “mid-life crisis?”

11.    How can T.L.C. Church be uniquely involved in a “second career” minister’s life?

12.   Is it possible to think taxes and a progressive government can do too much, relieving the Church of it's primary call which might be worded: "calling the sinners to repent and the sick to be healed?" Test of Fire,   Christian Coalition Voter Guide (Presidential),  Biblical Issues Up for Election

  Some Resources:


Title:  “A Crazy Man’s Story”

Text:  Matt. 8:28-30 (Mk. 5:18-20 & Mk 7:31-8:1)

Questions: Read the above Scripture texts.  How would you describe the “Demoniac’s” life before he met Jesus?  Noticing especially Mk. 5:18-20 what did the healed man want to do? And what did he end up doing?

Parents with your children: If you read all three gospel accounts of this story you will see in Matthew there is one man, in Luke and Mark there are two.  There are different region names. Take the challenge…be a self-feeder, go here:   and prepare yourself to describe to your children why these gospels do not contradict each other.