10/21 Living FREE "In My Prison - I can Bring God Glory"

Texts:   Philippians 1:20-30;  2 Cor. 1:5-8; 4:8-12; 11:23-27; 12:7-10; Ja. 5:14-16

In a Nutshell:  Bringing glory to God is not so much a circumstance or a series of tasks as much as an attitude and reaction to circumstances outside our control. No matter what life brings your way the heart at worship, the mind and hands in obedience to God’s will can adjust to any circumstance to bring God glory.  It is the immature and unbelieving that establishes the criteria through which they must bring God glory. Truth-be-known such a person may be seeking their own glory, rather than God’s.  How you doing?

Ice Breaker: Can you describe a life circumstance that caught you by surprise, felt destructive at the time, but later turned out to bring God glory?


  1. In what two ways might Paul honor Christ with his own body? Vs. 20
  2. How did Paul view the prospect of dying? Vs. 21
  3. What would result from Paul’s “life in the flesh” should he remain alive? vs. 22
  4. What would a life lived out in a worthy manner of the gospel of Christ look like? Vs. 27
  5. What was the Philippians’ “standing firm”, being “united”, and "fearless” to be a sign of?  And to whom? Vss. 27-28
  6. How many different ways did Paul react to his “thorn in the flesh”?  How did God react? What ultimately resulted? 2 Cor. 12:7-10
  7. How did Paul’s sufferings translate into comfort for the Corinthians? 2 Cor. 1:5-8; 4:8-12; 11:23-27
  8. Is it appropriate to call the Elders to ask them to pray for healing and anoint with oil? Ja. 5:14-16


  1. What sufferings have you seen in your life which cannot be traced back to consequences of your own life style or sinful choices?  (1 Pe. 4:15-16)  What sufferings can be traced back to poor choices?
  2. Can you honestly say today, “To live is Christ, to die is gain?”
  3. Are there some people in your life that would be blessed witnessing your difficult circumstances but with hope and joy in Christ in spite of that suffering?
  4. If someone were to find and commit to a saving faith in Christ as a direct result of some suffering you have endured would it be worth it?


  1. Why do you think most Christian Churches are reluctant to talk about health and healing?
  2. When do you think it is appropriate for the Elders to come to someone that is ill, pray and anoint with oil?

 Some Resources:

"Word of Faith" explanation and  fallacies - by Deception in the Church

Hank Hanegraaff and the "Word of Faith" movement

One man’s struggle with bipolar disorder: http://christianstandard.com/2012/06/my-thorn/

August 26, 2012 Lookout Magazine: http://faithforalifetime.com/lookout/when-god-doesnt-heal/


Title:  "In My Prison - I Can Pray!"

Text:  Eph. 6:10-20; Rom. 8:15-16, 26;

Questions:  What are the specific items of “the armor of God” mentioned in Sunday’s text?  What all types of prayer are mentioned?  Why do you think so many types of prayer are mentioned by Paul? (vss. 18-20)

Parents with your children: Assign different types of prayers to each of the days this week. Prayers of repentance, praise, petition, power, pleading.  Practice with your children different types of prayer.  Here are two good resources: http://christianstandard.com/2008/03/cs_article-842/ ;  http://dougdelp.wordpress.com/pastoral-ministry/