9/16 Living FREE "In My Prison... Others are First"

Text: Phil. 2:1-13 (4:2-3)

In a Nutshell: Growing up since the cradle in American culture, and hearing how special you are "just for being you" is cute for a while.  But at some point personal responsibility and becoming a servant of others needs to become the measure of maturity.  Paul wisely begins the conversation about relational maturity by pointing toward graces received as an obligation for graces to be given. Some people find themselves in a self-promoted prison by assuming they are at the center of their universe. Self-care, and self-sacrifice is a tricky balance constantly being distorted by Satan’s best efforts. Bottom-line, we have been created for the purpose of bringing glory to God and best fulfill that purpose by obeying Him and serving others.


  1. What things have you experienced as a Christian that Paul seems to suggest obligates you (if/then conditional statements in 2:1) to "completing his joy."
  2. What does Paul say would complete his joy? vs. 2
  3. How does he suggest you can do this? vss. 3-8
  4. What model and reward is held out for us to regard these efforts as worth while? vss. 9-11
  5. Therefore.... (What is the conclusive challenge to which they need to commit?)


Finish at least one of the below statements

  • I have a sense of encouragement in Christ because...
  • I feel the Holy Spirit participating in my life when I...
  • I was overwhelmingly comforted by love when...
  • I experienced much needed affection or sympathy when I...

Resources for balancing Self-Health and Self-Sacrifice:

Surrender and Self-Sacrifice

Crazy Makers

Love Must be Tough

Koinonia Bookmark  bookmark Koinonia


  1.  What OBLIGATES us?
  2. What gives us the OPPORTUNITY to fulfill that obligation?
  3. What is our mode of OPERATION to accomplishing those opportunities?
  4. Based upon Phil. 4:2-3  how involved did Paul expect us to get involved in overcoming conflict between individuals in the church?   (Dealing with Difficult People)
  5. What is "Our Commitment to Koinonia"? (see "About Us" on TLCC's website)  How should this affect the way I "do church?"


Title:  In My Prison – I am Rich

Text:  Phil. 4:10-20

Questions: How many different ways did Paul describe the conditions of “brought low” and “how to abound?” What was the “secret” he had learned?

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