Government Can't Figure How to Deal with Sin...

Should we require photo ID to prove someone is a citizen before they can vote?  Do you require background checks before you put someone to work in your organization? What should one employer say to another employer when asking for a reference on a previous employee?  Is an honest evaluation slander and a violation of privacy laws, or is a generic evaluation avoiding full disclosure.  How do you write enough laws to squeeze inappropriate behavior out of the "sin closet" into the "Dr's office looking for a cure?"  How much money and time do you spend on trying to heal someone of a "sickness" that they continually and willfully keep going back to.  And then when a bystander attempts some accountability by pointing out your ill-intentions with a detailed  record of offenses the government allows you to cry "foul!" When can someone say, "Based upon your history of personal responsibility with privileges you can't continue to receive this benefit."

As long as man's battle with sin is disregarded society will continue to unravel at the core.  One can not have a full picture of life as it is or should be without all the pieces to the puzzle. The reality of sin is one really big piece of the puzzle that our government is progressively insisting doesn't exist!

Some Scriptures to consider: Luke 13:3; Acts 3:19; Rev. 2:21-22


A few years back our Afternoon Bible Club was audited by the Missouri Dept. or Heath and Senior Services and determined as needing to be regulated by the "License Exempt" regulations for Childcare in MO.  Don't let the title fool you. We had to get a separate fridge in which to keep store bought to be in compliance.  We also had to start using a background screening for volunteers for this program that is provided by Missouri.  Background checks are common sense, but any of the College students from out of state had to be checked on the Missouri state system, but were not required a background check from their state!

On April 25, 2012, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued new “Enforcement Guidance” (Guidance) that is designed to restrict criminal background checks by employers.

What examples of government not knowing how to deal with sin have you seen?