7/1 "Ephesians: New Life for the Family"

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In a Nutshell: “We’ve seen Adam ignore his responsibility, Eve choose Satan’s deceptions over God’s commands, Cain's jealousy turn to murder, Isaac’s favoritism, Rebekah’s deception, the twelve bother’s competition tear apart their family.  Now let’s look at New Testament answers to  challenges that have destroyed families since the beginning.

Ice Breaker—  Do you recall (describe) the honeymoon period of your family life when you sensed the anticipation of starting your own family with a clean slate?

Texts: : Ephesians 4:17-32

  1.  No longer walk in the ___________ of their minds
  2.  Their ____________ is alienated from the life of God because of __________________, due to their _______ of heart.
  3.  They have become callous and given themselves up to _____________, __________ to practice ___________.
  4.  Put on the new self _____________ after the ______ of God.
  5.  Be…
  6.  Put away...


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