6/17 Genesis: “The Beginning of the End?” Gen. 6:2

The Sermon: (Audio)

In a Nutshell: “So many good things (and bad things) that happen in our lives can be traced back to a choice or decision that put us on a specific path for life. The best way to stabilize much of your life is to make commitments (marry someone) that not “only you” have chosen.  What provides you the criteria by which you make your choices; your heart? your mind? yourself? someone else? (Gen. 6:2)

Ice Breaker:  Can you describe a decision that you made years ago that has consistently “paid significant spiritual dividends” down through the years?

Texts: (Gen. 6:2; [Deut. 7:1-4 with Gen. 15:1527:46; Ex. 34:16; Jg. 14:1-5; 1 Ki. 11:2-6; Mal. 2:15; 2 Cor. 6:14-16; Jer. 17:9-10; )


1. How many of the above texts are cautioning against interracial marriage and how many are cautioning against inter-faith marriage? Does God seem to be more worried about purity of race, or purity of faith?  Consider these Scriptures and thoughts...

2. What immoral circumstances resulted because of a “Believer” marrying a “non-Believer?”

3. What warning does Paul & Jesus say about remaining un-married during these end times ? 1 Cor. 7:1; 32-37


4. How can you help those young people around you to make good choices about whom they will marry?   Check out this sample Pre-marriage Counseling Plan which is posted on our Synergy Pinterest Board!  Take a look at this article's description of how to help your preschooler make friends.  What principles can translate into your child's search for a spouse?

One of the best books I have ever found for Pre-marriage discussions is Norman Wright's 101 Questions to ask before you Get Engaged

Here is some powerful research suggesting that once a young couple spends 300 collective hours together the physical attraction naturally intensifies. Too Close Too Soon by Jim Talley

5. How have major commitments in your past affected your life consequences today?

6. How has God’s grace affected your life today?

7. What does it mean to "guard your heart?"  How can one practically do this?

Many children are emotionally and spiritually traumatized because their parents have not thought through their choices to get married, divorced and remarried. Below are two podcasts and a couple of books that comes highly recommended.

Mark Driscoll's podcast for men honoring their wives.

Mark Driscoll's podcast for women about the marriage covenant.

Visit our Synergy Pinterest Board for resources regarding choosing a spouse.

Remember that 6:30pm this Wednesday night (6/20) there will be a Book Discussion of the "Resolution" books (Men's & Women's) related to the movie Courageous and "The Covenant."

Redemption means being bought back.  It is important to remember that the best insurance against painful life consequences is to avoid making poor decisions in the first place.  But it is equally important to remember that God's grace takes sin resulting from those poor decisions because of Jesus sacrifice.  Many times that same grace saves us through our consequences but not from them.