2/19 CARE Sheet - "Pass It On!" series 3 of 8; "Prayer Meetings at Home" Acts 12:1-19

Sermon Texts: Acts 12: 1-19, 25;   Luke 22; Acts 15:37-41; 2 Tim. 4:11   IN A NUTSHELL - The gift of hospitality is an amazing gift. You would never think a person that enjoys hosting people in their home could get a front row seat to such amazing levels of ministry:  The birth of life changing traditions, the nurturing of young missionary minds, the utterance of miraculously answered prayers, and the consolation of heartbroken saints.  May God richly bless those that say, Dear Lord, What is mine is Your’s to use, Amen!


  • Can you describe an unanswered prayer request for which you almost hated God at the time, but later thanked Him for remaining silent?
  • Can you describe a time when God seemed at such a distance but a relationship initiated in a small group made life bearable for the time?


Acts 12:1-19

  1. What type of political atmosphere was going on when James was killed and Peter imprisoned? Acts 12:1-19
  2.  What type of room was the Lord’s Supper instituted in?    Luke 22:7-23
  3. What happened to John Mark later in life? Acts 15:37-41; 2 Tim. 4:11
  4.  Did those praying for Peter believe he was released at first? Acts 12:15


  1.  Does it seem unfair that James is killed, but Peter is released? Acts 12:1-19
  2. How might having the prayer meetings in his home as a young person affect John Mark as a young missionary? Acts 15:37-41; 2 Tim. 4:11
  3. How do you think James’ brother John, if he was at the prayer meeting, would feel seeing Peter standing at the door?
  4. What does God intend for us to do with the comfort He gives us? 2 Cor. 1:3-5


  1. How can I sign up to help host a CARE group in my home?  Contact Doug, Attend the next CARE Group Leader Train Station (8:30am, 3/11), check out our CARE Group host description or express interest at Doug's blog .
  2. Contact Dawn Beaverson at tlcc@timberlakechristian.org if you would like to be on the TLCC Prayer and Announcement email list.

NEXT WEEK  2/26 -   "Holy Defiance?" Acts 4:1-31(vs. 19); 5:17-42 (vs.29); Acts 22:30 – 23:11 (23:5)  When does boldness become arrogant defiance? Is civil disobedience ever Christian?