2/5 CARE Sheet - "Pass It On!" series 1 of 8; “From Saul to Paul" Acts 9:1-25; 16:16-34

Youth Sunday; Tim Pittman Preaching!  "Behind every good preacher is an amazing Mom and a Dad that really knows how to cheer on his son!"

Sermon Texts: Acts 9:1-25 & 16:16-34

IN A NUTSHELL - Seeing the light of the Gospel and feeling the fire of the Holy Spirit will not allow you to “hit the snooze button” in this life as a Christian. The Apostle Paul is a great example of spreading “his fire” to the lost.  WAKE UP oh Christian. WAKE UP!

ICE BREAKER – Think back about the time the newest “little one” was born into your family:  How many days (minutes) (seconds) was it before you had told 10 of those people to whom you were closest and you knew they hadn’t yet heard?  (Imagine having that same excitement telling people about the Grace of God.)


  1. Read Acts 9:1-18 and describe Saul’s attitude/demeanor, before, during and after his “lightning bolt experience.”
  2. What was Ananias’ reaction to his assignment?
  3. What was to be Saul’s life’s work? Ac. 9:15-16
  4. Read Acts 9:20-25: How was Paul’s message/ministry received?  Does it seem strange that God would give a man a job and then God’s people would be so opposed to him?
  5. Read Acts 16:16-34 and describe Paul’s attitude/demeanor, before, during and after his “imprisonment.”


  1. How do you think your witness would be affected if you would sing when things are going wrong?
  2. What’s the chance that the Jailor would have been won to Christ without Paul having been imprisoned?
  3. Have you been able to witness to someone specifically because of a very difficult situation?


  1. How do you think Paul’s relationship with the Philippian Church was influenced by his early struggles (Phil. 4:14-19)?
  2. When do you feel most excited about “Church?” Is it when you are confident “the Church” is doing things right, or more so when you are convinced you are doing things right?

NEXT WEEK – 2/12 ““Knowledge Gives Way to Conversion at Conviction”  Acts2   How do you know a person is really converted to Christ?  It’s one thing to “say a prayer,” something else to “get baptized.”  They may both be involved in, but they do not equate to “conversion.” Describe the heart and head process those that were baptized went through before one could say they were “converted.”