1/22 CARE Sheet - "Count on Me!" series 4 of 5; “Who Can You Count On?” Mark 9:30-41

Sermon Texts: Mark 9:30-41 IN A NUTSHELL - The world uses status and power to qualify people as important and successful. But Jesus does not use the same criteria in order to define those upon whom you can count. Our text is a string of events and statements made by Jesus showing us His criteria for determining whom we can depend.  Those who see themselves as a servant, those that are willing to suffer for Him, those that value the helpless, and those that value others they don’t know, but are known by Jesus.  You can count on these!

ICE BREAKER –When you were in high school or college, how did coaches, teachers and the class leaders determine who was “important?” How have those individual’s lives developed down through the years?


  1. Keep in mind that this is the second time Jesus tells the 12 that he is going to suffer and die in Jerusalem.  Mk. 9:31; 8:31
  2. How might the previous events of the Transfiguration and the demon possessed boy affected the course of events of the argument over who was greatest?  Mk9:2-31
  3. If Mark 9:35 is the point of this text, then how does his illustration of the children make that point clear and emphatic?
  4. How did the world view children in that culture?
  5. If someone receives a child who ultimately are they receiving?
  6. How does Jesus say we should view someone that is doing a work for Him, but we don’t know nor with whom we are familiar? Mk 9:38-41


  1. What characteristics or attitudes make you think that someone thinks too highly of themselves?
  2. How would you feel if in one hour you revealed to your friends that your Doctor had said you would soon die and later that day your friends were arguing outside your hospital room over who was most influential and which one you regarded as most important?
  3. How can a person’s attitude or reactions to children reveal hidden things about a person? (consider how God expects us to view the weak - How Does God (Should We) Regard Those that are Weak)
  4. How might a person’s attitude toward others demonstrating authority reveal character issues?


  1. Based upon today’s text who might be regarded as more dependable, someone that can preach a persuasive sermon, or someone that will listen and help a child that is in trouble?
  2. Take note of someone in your CARE group and in our church that consistently seems willing to be last and send them a note saying thanks for being great!
  3. When is the last time you helped to stack the chairs after service, or stayed behind to help clean the kitchen after a pot-luck?
  4. Take into consideration how one might help the poor without giving them food, clothing or those things for which they ask.  The Poor Will Be Glad;   The Christian Standard on helping the poor.

NEXT WEEK – 1/29 “You Can Count on Me!”  14:27-42; 15:37-39; 16:1-8.  Peter James & John failed Jesus, Judas failed Jesus, the Roman government failed Jesus, but Jesus does not fail us! The Temple veil was torn, no one needed to worry about rolling away the stone.  Why do you think the Angel said “be sure to tell Peter?”