Saturate series 5 of 5 James 1, “your giving”

James 1


“Stewardship” is one of those words that can make a person squirm.  Why is that?  Maybe it is because it actually requires a response.  To be a good steward, a Christian must not remain passive.  One of the main themes in James is faith vs. works.  James says that a Christian who has true faith must be obedient.  Passionate followers of Jesus Christ do not sit idle on the sidelines… they get up and do something!  Christian stewardship is giving of everything that we are and everything we have to God’s purposes.  Stewardship is not just about money (although that is one part of it)… it’s about a lifestyle. Stewardship can be an act of love, and even fun! It can be a response to His love, which will give us much, much greater comfort than any plans or ideas on our part.



Tell about a time when you or someone you knew demonstrated faithful stewardship… a time when God’s blessings were evident when a person stepped out in faith and gave sacrificially of their time, money, or other resources even though economic or other stresses said “don’t do this.”



  • What does James mean when he says he wants the readers to be “complete, not lacking anything?” (1:1-4)
  • What is the connection between James 1:5-8 and Matthew 7:7-11?
  • How does James 1:9-11 relate to stewardship?
  • How does James 1:22 relate to stewardship?
  • How is favoritism or partiality related to stewardship? (2:1-4)
  • Is it a sin to be wealthy? Some people have said so based on James 2:5-7.
  • Why do we sometimes not receive what we ask? (4:1-3)
  • What does James say about planning for the future? (4:13-17)
  • What is James’ warning to those who are wealthy? (5:1-6)



•   What is a good definition of stewardship as it applies to the Christian life?

Definition #1

Definition #2

•  A simple way of looking at stewardship is in terms of our time, talent, and treasure.  In your personal Christian walk, how can you be a better steward of these three things?



•   James 1:26-27 speaks of Christians having compassion on those less fortunate and looking after them.  How does the church (specifically our benevolence ministry) show genuine compassion in the face of so many people simply seeking a “handout?”

•   Many people say that we should not talk about money or stewardship because it is offensive to some.  What do you think in light of what Scripture says?

 If all of our attendees at TLCC really practiced stewardship of their time, talents, and treasures, what would change about our church?

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