Saturate series 3 of 5 James 4:1 - 5:6, “your work”

James 4:1-5:6

IN A NUTSHELL – That place where you spend most of your time, focus most on money (making it or spending it), and make choices about those things you are most passionate tend to reveal much about who you really are.  For many people that is work. Your work, and all those that see you there know something about you?  What is it? James says God already knows what others are just trying to figure out.  That which saturates you spills over in your work!



Describe your all time favorite boss ( or employee).  You can try  to describe your all time worst boss ( or employee) if you think it’s safe–  but don’t sacrifice your Christian witness nor emotional stability.  :) 



  1. James 4:4 describes friendship with the world as enmity with God. How do the attitudes and actions mentioned in verses 1-3 demonstrate a destructive relationship with the world?
  2. If you were going to try to pick 1 or 2 summary statements from 4:1-10 which ones would you spotlight?
  3. How can a person correct work place problems and conflict without becoming “a judge”?  James 4:11-12
  4. Some have suggested verse 17 isn’t closely related to verses 13-16. Others suggest verse 17 summarizes the previous three verses.  What does knowing the Lord’s will and choosing not to do the right thing have to do with arrogance?
  5. James 5:1-6 is often viewed as an indictment against people who are wealthy.  But slow down and think through each phrase.  What are the actual sins described in these verses?
  6. There are several biblical principles that can be applied to the work place. Here is an online summary.


  1. In light of James 4:11-12 is it possible to be a Christian boss and fire someone?  Consider  what Michael Zigarelli suggests.
  2. How would you describe a bad boss?
  3. How can you deal with a work related conflict and remain a Christian?



  1. How might your CARE group provide accountability for your Christian witness at work without falling into the sin of gossip and slander?
  2. When is the last time you remember a sermon or lesson on Christians dealing with Conflict?
  3. How might TLCC’s Commitment to Koinonia help?