Internet Posts that Embarrass

There is a new subtle way by which people judge and are judged. It’s similar to allowing your name to be placed with an embarrassing billboard along the highway.

You Will be Judged by…

I remember my Grandfather helping me clean out my garden after I had spent 2 weeks in church camp. It was his subtle way of “setting me straight”.  “Douglas… people will judge you by the condition of your garden.”  It caught me by surprise and I excused myself because of my commitment to kids and camp.  I haven’t done much gardening since then because he was right.

But, there are other subtle ways by which we and our affiliations will be judged. Casual internet posts have gotten individuals fired, organizations sued, and legal proceedings declared a mistrial. These Scriptures can offer some guidance for choices we make that will effect our public reputation and witness as Christians: James 3:1, Romans 14:22 and 1 Corinthians 8:9.

The Elders where I preach have asked us ministers, our other leaders (along with our spouses) to give serious consideration to what we post AND what we allow to be posted on our sites.  There is a good blog that outlines some guidelines which can be very helpful. This article is directed toward ministry staff but offers great guidelines for using internet social media for any Christian to consider.

Some would say “the internet and it’s technologies are tools of Satan!” Yes, they can be, but that has also been said of TV’s, telephones, and church buildings.  I think it’s more accurate to say technologies are purely tools that will be used by Satanic and godly purposes.  It’s up to us to decide for which influence we will use them.   Maybe someday the technology will simplify my life so that I will take up gardening again. :)