Bible Fellowship Study Guide (BFSG) “A Solid Foundation" Luke 6:46 – 49

IN A NUTSHELL – Our world has understood the purpose and principles of a good foundation for thousands of years.  But for the same amount of time some people have ignored those principles and some have heeded them.  Jesus taught the principle and simply said, “Heed/practice my words for life -  and whatever you build will be there ‘for good’ (eternally).  Ignore them -  and watch your efforts hopelessly collapse before your eyes!”


  1. How would you describe the difference between a foundational truth and a foundational habit?
  2. Can you imagine a new apartment complex with inadequate plans for the foundation?


  1. What is the first question with which Jesus begins this parable/illustration? Vs. 46
  2. What topics had Jesus just addressed previous to this concluding point regarding practicing and not just hearing? Luke 6:1-45
  3. Based on Jesus’ teachings in this text, would you say the solid foundation for a Christian comes from understanding truths,  or practicing truths?
  4. Who does Jesus say will enter the Kingdom?  Mt. 7:21-23
  5. What other stories or principles do Jesus and his disciples give us regarding "heeding," "listening" and "practicing" His words? Luke 19:27; John 15:2; James 1:22-27; 2:17-24; 2 Peter 1:5-9; 1 John 2:3-4


  1. If the above listed Scriptures provide "foundational" truths for Christ-like living that will endure into eternity then how would the illustration of the fallen apartment complex in China apply to things you have devoted yourself to outside of Christ-like living?
  2. Which is harder to learn the truth or obey the truth?  Can you give us a life illustration?
  3. Which is easier, to see someone else’s inconsistencies or to see our own? (Oh – that’s next week’s lesson!)
  4. How can you start the process of practicing Jesus’ teachings early in your family’s lives?  Check out this creative website concerning family activities and devotions!


  1. How does coming to church help you with this?
  2. How might joining a Bible Fellowship group on Sunday morning help you with this lesson?
  3. How might joining a CARE group help with this?