Bible Fellowship Study Guide “Host a Dinner…for Friends!” - Luke 5:27-39 (Mt. 9:10-13; Mk. 2:15-17); Luke 19:1-10

IN A NUTSHELL:  When known sinners like Matthew and Zaccheus became committed to Jesus they couldn’t help but introduce their friends to Jesus.  Jesus couldn’t help but celebrate and share the good news with those friends. The disciples couldn’t help but wonder if this was real and the religious leaders couldn’t help but criticize all of them.  Today we are challenged to Introduce our friends to Jesus. Take them to His word! Then watch God do His best work! THIS SUNDAY’S SERMON: Much of this Sunday’s sermon (especially  the 10:30am hour) will be spent preparing our new Bibles for a friend to seek out Jesus’ and the Apostles’ answers to this question, “What must I do to be saved?”  While it is vital to understand that no one can do anything to earn their salvation, neither can one become a disciple and not respond to His will.

For a couple of discussions on “The Sinner’s Prayer” check out one Baptist’s perspective and one from a Christian Church Preacher.  Be sure to check out the history of the Sinner’s Prayer also.


Everyone will be challenged to write a brief personal note in the Bible describing one of two things:

  • One of the most important factors that led me to commit my life to Jesus Christ was…
  • Since having accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior my life has change by…


Imagine that a famous person is coming to your house to dine tomorrow.  What would you do to get ready? (Some people get in a real tizz!)


  1. Two stories (Matthew- Lk. 5 & Zacchaeus – Lk. 19), one background (despised tax collectors), common plan. (E.g.  Host a dinner for friends to introduce them to Jesus!)
  2. Who attended these meals?
  3. What common reaction did some of the outsiders have with Jesus eating in their homes?
  4. What concept or phrase seems to link these two passages?  Lk. 5:32 & 19:10
  5. How do the parables of the wedding guest not fasting and the new wine in old wine skins link to Matthew accepting Jesus’ call?


  1. Describe as many major life changes you have had that have been celebrated with a meal.  Who were invited? Why them?
  2. What is your reaction to Zacchaeus’ commitments and Jesus’ response?
  3. Were there any major “wrongs” that you felt the need to “right” when you became a Christian?
  4. What has been your experience participating in Sermon Based CARE groups?
  5. What does it feel like to be lost? Out_of_Their_Faces_and_Into_Their_Shoes
  6. If you haven't already write out your personal testimony. Check this out for some pointers.


  1. What was your initial reaction to the thought of writing the plan of salvation in the Bibles during services?
  2. What was your initial reaction to the thought of leading/hosting a block party in your neighborhood?
  3. Check out these resources for "out there ideas" setting up a block party: