Won't You Be My Neighbor?

This summer Timber Lake Church is setting our sights on turning strangers we have seen nearly every day into neighbors and friends.  For thirty years Fred Rogers taught children some of the core values of friendship and common courtesies using simple stories and dramatic play.  Over two thousand years ago Jesus came man to teach us how to restore our relationship with God and each other.

In 1967 when Norman Rockwell painted “ New Kids in the Neighborhood”  our country was embroiled in a battle for civil rights.  People that had never dreamed of  being neighbors were beginning to notice they had similarities rather than focusing on just their differences.  Mr. Rockwell specifically included in this picture subtle similarities to lead people’s imaginations away from their obvious differences.   Our summer emphasis goes deeper than race relations.  It’s about discovering similarities that point us all to a common purpose in creation and a uniting faith available through Jesus Christ which makes “family” out of neighbors.

For decades Christians have tried to start the “evangelism talk” with the topic of sin at Genesis 3 (Genesis 3:17-19 )and Romans 3 (Romans 3:10-12). In recent years there have been some shift to go back to Genesis 1(Genesis 1:26-27) and Romans 1 (Romans 1:16-17).  From here we find a foundation for building a relationship on our commonalities, such as searching for purpose in life and solutions to broken promises. This is a much more positive place to start  a conversation.  Many times the success or failure of “the evangelism talk” can be traced back to assumptions held and lived out by the discipler.  Are we trying to share powerful information about Jesus or show transformational power that comes through Jesus.   Big difference!  You can’t lead someone to a place you haven’t really ever gone!  Since January TLCC's sermons have addressed what it looks like when people ignore God and what it looks like when we turn to God.  Now we want to  look at Luke to see how Jesus led others to God. Then, let’s go and do likewise. It’s time for us to ask—”Won’t You be My Neighbor?”

June Sermons: Jesus' methods as seen in Luke, turning acquaintances into neighbors.

July & August Sermons: Jesus' messages as seen in Luke, taking an audience, to become listeners and ultimately to be disciples.


  • Neighborhood Block Parties (various dates through June, July, August)
  • Who's Line Is It?  July 24th (Evangelism with a twist!)
  • All Church Neighborhood Finale, August 14th (Worship 9:30am & Dinner on the Grounds 11:00 am)
You may also want to check out this page that lists "Sixteen Ways to Break the Ice with Your Neighbors.
Our first study (6/5/11) is a reflection on two older individuals that had devoted their lives to longing for the redemption of the Jerusalem and the salvation of the Gentiles.