Easter Sunrise - A Great Way to Feel Loved!

Have you ever heard of counterfactual reasoning?  For us less complex thinkers it’s simply asking the question  – “What if?”   What if one element of an historical event had gone just a little bit differently – how would history have been changed?

Historian Robert Cowley compiled a book summarizing 3,000 years of “What if’s.”   William McNeil for instance points to the mysterious plague that killed over 185,000 of Assyria’s army.  You can read about it in 2 Kings 19, Outside the Bible this story is also supported by Greek, Chaldean, and Jewish historians.  McNeil suggests that if King Sennacherib's army had not suffered such loss, thus retreating from his plans to annihilate all of the Jews it’s doubtful the world would have known of any of the monotheistic religions of Judaism, Islam, or Christianity.  McNeil thinks history is interesting - I think God is amazing!

Someone has said, “The heaviest doors pivot on small hinges.” 

  What if...  there had been no cross?  The cross was Rome’s way of saying – “If you choose to fight Rome – you will lose!”  The cross was the Jewish Rulers way of saying - “God in the flesh is against our religion, we will have nothing to do with you - you lose!  The cross was Satan’s way of saying – “Your people have rejected you, your Father has forsaken you – you lose!”  The cross was the disciple’s way of saying -  “We thought we knew who you were – we don’t understand – we lose!”  The cross was Jesus way of saying – “I know where I came from, I know who I am, I know where I am going, I can give it all – and I won’t lose!”

If there hadn’t been a cross we wouldn’t have seen the creator of life choose us over himself. - The cross defined love! 

What if there had been no empty tomb?

If there hadn’t been an empty tomb - Rome, the Jewish rulers, Satan, and the discouraged disciples would have been right!  Jesus on the Cross tells us that we can give up everything we have, are, and want to be and not loose!

The empty tomb proves that He was telling the truth!   The empty tomb defines truth!

There’s just something about a walk on a cool Easter morning at sunrise that can make you think – “I am loved and that’s the truth!”