TLCC CARE Sheet 2/27/11 "Falling In Love...with the Lost" series 4 of 8


  • Did you ever play “red rover, red rover?”  Who did you call over first? Why?
  • What defines who you invite to church and who you don’t?

Title: “Falling in Love…with the Lost!”

Text: Jonah


Which thought regarding the book of Jonah seems to be the most strange to you?

  1. A prophet (preacher) running from God. 1:3
  2. Jonah’s reason for running being that he knew God would forgive foreigners. 4:2
  3. Sailors praying for forgiveness for throwing a preacher overboard. 1:12-16
  4. A man staying alive in a fish in the sea for three days. 1:17
  5. Such a radical story of conversions like a city as large as Nineveh repenting after just a few days of preaching.  (consider Ajai Lall’s story)
  6. A “vine” popping up in such a short period of time. 4:6

How did the king of Nineveh react to Jonah’s words? 3:6-9

In your own words – what is God trying to get Jonah to understand in Jonah 4:9-11


  1. Is there someone you know that you can’t imagine repenting and accepting the Gospel?
  2. Is there someone you would just as soon wouldn’t accept the Gospel? (think about Ajai Lall’s stories)
  3. Is there a person, family, or race that you wouldn’t mind going to heaven, but you would rather they didn’t come to your church?
  4. Do you show any signs of “running from God” in the area of evangelism?


Countdown to our Summer Emphasis “Won’t You be My Neighbor?”  (At the close of this Sunday’s service Micheal will provide a book mark that summarizes 15 ways to reach out to strangers that live around you. The intention is to make them “your neighbors.”)


  • Find out the names of all your neighbors within 1 block or 1 mile of your house.
  • Take cookies, cake or casserole to three of those neighbors. (especially if they have kids)
  • Notify the office of your neighbor’s names addresses and the role you anticipate filling this summer.


  • Find out the names of all your neighbors within the second block or mile of your house.
  • Take cookies, cake or casserole to three of those neighbors. (especially if they have kids)


  • Mail invitations to all of them about the neighbor-hood Block Parties with a follow-up phone call fielding interest.

Contact Allen if you are interested in more information about being a host family for one this summer’s Neighborhood Block Parties.  (660.353.9199 or

A blog called "The Friendly Atheist" considers evangelistic methods that don't work.  Have you tried any methods mentioned here that “blew up in your face?”  What do you think about Grimalkin’s response on May 9, 2008?


Title: “When the King Forgets God”  (Bad King Jehoram)

Text: 2 Chr. 21:4-22:12

  1. What did the King do?
  2. What did God do?
  3. What did the people do?
  4. What would you have done?
  5. What will you do?