Sooo.... Just Think Like a Woman!

Hey T.L.C.C. Ladies, UPDATE: Four Questions to Pray about...

  1. What if you really believed God loves you… Could you give everything you do tomorrow back to him as a gift?
  2. What if God could use every relationship and experience to shape you…  Would you see yourself differently?
  3. What if you were really good at something – Would you use it for God’s glory?
  4. What if you really lived your passion…  Would you use it to change your world?

I have had two months to prepare for this Saturday’s “Ladies’ Tea”  Penny Glover has been a great coach.  She said, "Doug, this doesn’t need to be difficult. The topic is on 'Reaching Out' and your best preparation would be to practice 'thinking like a woman.'”   "Hmm… I can do this."  (“I think I can…, I think I can…")

I thought I would share with some of our TLCC ladies the benefits of my prep time.   The following books were purchased to get my mind “in the proper state of thinking like a woman.” Since I really don’t want to stay there I will be providing those books as door prizes.  You need to know right up front that I don’t endorse 100% of everything these books describe! But in general they would be interesting reads for the “average female mind”… I think - just sayin'!

  • Girlfriends are the Best Friends of All!
  • Where Would I Be Without You?
  • Girlfriends
  • 50 Best Girlfriends Getaways.

Then there’s the spiritual side of this. Well, I’m saving those details for Saturday.  I’ll just introduce Saturday’s thoughts by saying “I have found a story about an imperfect woman which tended to avoid real issues in life but really shook up her entire home town!”  There are a few bad assumptions that make some women  unlikely “movers and shakers” in the Kingdom.  There are some common expectations that people tend to have toward these women.  Last but not least, there are some Holy Spirit led reactions that these women have toward their neighbors that can change some of them forever!   Bottom line, most of you women (it seems - just sayin') find yourselves “Underestimating your Potential and Overestimating your Limitations!

I will see you Saturday – Lord Willing!


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