What do you see?

When you look at the stain glass above what do you see?  Some see natural colors  of glass intentionally placed by an artist with a message in mind.  Other's might see the brace as a cross laying on it's side creating in their mind some type of Christian message.  With a closer look you might notice the fencing on the outside of the window.  What do you think, maybe a neighborhood vulnerable to vandalism?   An even closer look will reveal a window frame brace of cables outside of the fence. The brace could indicate an old window frame in a state of decay...maybe. One of the most important disciplines in the life of a Bible student is to avoid using so much imagination that you distort God's meaning of the text.   Looking through a "dark glass" (a passage of Scripture) can be tricky.  But it is certainly worth the effort if your priority is to understand what God wants it to say rather than what you can twist it to mean. It's not so much about what you see that's important but rather what God intends for you to see. (Romans 15:4)