Thank you Grandma!

Grandma Shireman "sees through a glass darkly."   She told me last week, "I can't see to read much of anything anymore." Grandma is 94 years old.  She has lived in Big Spring Care Center for nearly 10 years. All the while Parkinson's disease has progressively limited her ability to enjoy life.  She has consistently greeted new friends moving into the home and said "good bye" as they have passed.  Over the past few years her eyesight has diminished taking away her enjoyment of crossword puzzles and reading her Bible.  On good days she can watch a little news on TV or see some birds eating out of the feeder. I thanked her for being such a good example of a good attitude.  She said, "Well, you might as well have a good attitude. A bad attitude won't help anything!"

Grandma missing her opportunities to read the Bible reminds me to count carefully the days I miss reading the Bible.  Sometimes we spend days by choice not seeing things more clearly - we fail to read The Word given to us to give us light (2 Peter 1:19).   Thank you Grandma, I will spend fewer days without The Word because of you.